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Social media has made marketing and reaching out to our targeted audience easier than ever. Whether you are a content creator or a business owner, making short videos is important for your growth. 

Most video editing apps we find on the app store either take too much space or too much time. This is one of the reasons cloud-based video editing solutions have grown so popular in recent days. 

If you are looking for an innovative tool that makes professional videos within minutes, then InVideo is the answer to your question. 

InVideo is one of the most useful, user-friendly, and powerful cloud-based video editing software. Several user-friendly features and great performance make it one of the best video editing software in 2022.  If you are curious about InVideo reviews, their best features, and pricing options, then keep on reading.

InVideo Overview:

RankTracker gets a 4.5 star out of 5 based on four of the aspects we have looked at. Here is a short overview:

Ease of Use★★★★★

InVideo Pros

  • Access to a wide library full of premade templates, media, stock images, and audio.
  • Apart from their library, you can use your templates, and audio.
  • You can record your audio with InVideo and use it in your clip.
  • You can edit and create your video clip within 15 minutes.
  • InVideo can be used to create different types of video clips e.g. product videos, YouTube videos, etc.
  • You own everything you create with InVideo.
  • The pricing options of InVideo make it user-friendly.
  • Their YouTube channel is quite informative and will help you to learn the usage of InVideo easily.

InVideo Cons

  • Previewing your created video clip might take a lot of time.
  • Although a short video takes 5-8 scenes, a bigger video may take more. InVideo is limited to 50 scenes.

InVideo Reviews At A Glance

Cloud-based video editing tools allow the user to create videos in the browser, do not require any app or additional space in your device. These types of tools are compatible with all types of devices and browsers.

InVideo is a cloud-based video editing software that allows you to create videos in the browser without having to download any app.

The biggest problem with video editing tools is that if you are not “tech-savvy,” it will probably take hours to create one video. But that is not the case with InVideo. With InVideo, you can create a professional video clip within 15 minutes. 

Invideo Reviews

10 Amazing InVideo Features

Many interesting features put RankTracker on the top tier of SEO tools. From basic keyword finding to setting up your SEO-optimized website, RankTracker helps.

Huge Library

If we were to look for the biggest reason that takes up the most time during video editing, it would be finding the suitable template, the right images to enhance the video, and adding the right music. But with InVideo, this problem is non-existent.

Because InVideo offers 5000+ premade custom templates that you can choose and apply on your clip to create a video. It comes with a stock of over 9M+ stock media, including Shutterstock, iStock.

It offers a wide audio library that allows the user to add audio to their clips. The InVideo video editor allows you to make videos in 70+ languages.

One-Click Feature

Do you want to animate an image but do not know how to? Or do not have the huge time you need to invest in the process? This site has got your back! 

InVideo’s one-click features offer many advantages. One of the most useful advantages is the one-click animation feature.

With one-click animation, you can add animated text on top of your image with a single click. Or you can select your picture and add animated effects to that. The ball is entirely in your court

Advanced Editing

The advanced editing feature allows you to have full control. If you do not like the presets or the templates, you can edit on your own. You can trim the clips, loop the clips, crop the frame of the video as well.

With advanced editing settings, you can add overlays, stickers, and effects to make your own preset to achieve the preferred mood for your video. 

Background Removal

Removing the original background of the clip is a key process to make your promotional videos look more professional and less clumsy. With InVideo background, removal is so easy that it is nothing but a fun process. 


InVideo comes both free and in premium versions. The free version comes with almost everything and does not make you feel like you are missing something. The premium version ensures you are getting the most out of your money.

The premium version comes in two types, the business version, and the unlimited version. We will be talking about the pricing options in detail later. 

Customize Your Presets

With InVideo, you can make your own presets and add them to your clips with a single click. You can save your brand’s logos, make your own presets, and use them whenever you want with a single click. 

Social Media Sharing

Sharing your creation to your social media is one of the key reasons behind making short, promotional clips. InVideo allows you to directly share your creations on your preferred social networking sites. 


InVideo claims to have a 24/7 support team. And we are happy to tell you that their claim is not just all talks. InVideo support team is quick, responsive, and provides a 24/7 service. From their CEO to their support team, they are always available in the live chat. They will reply to you in under two minutes. 

The team responds within minutes on their social networking sites. This type of top-notch service from the team makes it one of the friendliest tools available. 

Reselling Rights

The free version of the software puts a watermark on your video. The premium versions do not do that. But with or without the watermark, everything you create remains yours. This means the right to resell your content made with InVideo is in your hands.

Invideo Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

InVideo offers 3 types of pricing options. The free version, business plan, and the unlimited plan. Both the business plan and unlimited plan come with a monthly and yearly subscription.

Free Version

For the free version, you can export up to 60 videos per month. These videos come with a watermark for the video and the media used from the library. The free version offers 5000+ premade templates, the entire media library with watermarks, 720p resolution, and all the other features. It comes with 1GB of cloud storage.

The free version does not offer background removal, reseller rights, and premium templates. 

Business Plan

The business plan is $30 per month. But with the annual plan, you will be charged $180 annually, which comes down to $15 per month. With the business version, you will no longer have any watermarks in your created videos.

This plan comes with 10GB of cloud storage. Along with the 5000+ premade, you will also get access to the premium templates. You will get the entire media and unlimited premium media.

1080p video resolution, background removal, and 60 exports per month make this package quite a steal!

Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan is $60 per month. With the yearly plan, you will be billed $360, which makes it $30 per month. With the unlimited plan, you can get access to every feature available on the site. You will not have any watermarks in the video or the media you have used. Access to 1M+ premium media, unlimited video exports per month, and everything that comes in the free and business plans. It comes with cloud storage of 100GB.

Invideo Pricing

For Freelancers: How to Make $962 or More with InVideo

We have already mentioned InVideo is great for making small, professional videos for entrepreneurs.

It is quite impossible to capture an audience without making videos. But the time and cost requirements behind those videos can be hard to afford for young entrepreneurs. This is why we like InVideo and its offered services.

With InVideo you can make short clips for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and many more social media platforms. If you are a freelancer, here are 6 ways to use InVideo.

Watch this mini course for all the nitty gritty details of making $962 per month with InVideo!
  • Ads

One tap animation feature by InVideo can be a great feature to create video ads. Just with the right image and text, you can create a video ad within minutes. These short ads can be posted on social media networks or desired websites.

If you want to include a short ad between your video, you can create that with InVideo as well. You can opt for an image from your media library, InVideo’s library, use all kinds of effects to create a perfect ad within minutes.

  • Intro And Outro For YouTube

YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world. If you are a YouTuber, you will understand the importance of an attractive and attention-grabbing intro and outro.

The trends for Intro and Outros change every season, and it is not possible for everyone to spend $200 on buying an intro and outro for their channel. Besides, why spend so much money when you can create it with InVideo?

InVideo provides a library with over 9M+ stock media, and audio. Paired with the trending presets and effects offered by InVideo, creating a unique intro and outro for your YouTube channel is not hard at all.

  • Voice Over For YouTube Videos

If you like doing voiceovers for your YouTube videos, then you can use InVideo. Adding just background music to the video is not preferred by a lot of people.

But recording the audio separately and merging it with video later is a pretty hard task. But with InVideo you can do it within minutes.

You can record audio with InVideo and use that on your video directly.

  • Blog Videos

If you have your blog and want to create videos for your blog, then use InVideo freely. Although we have been saying InVideo is great for creating small clips, it is great for creating bigger videos as well.

If you are creating a blog video, you can start with the converted article to video option. You will then receive options to add the text to your blog post.

You can copy-paste the text, or just paste the URL of the post. If the pasted text crosses the word limit for one scene, InVideo will notify you and re-arrange it for you as well.

Once you have pasted the script, all that is left is adjusting the scene, adding filters, media, and other features to the video.

You can adjust each scene according to your preference, tweak whatever you want to as well. You can add images, animate, and edit each scene separately.

Other than choosing what you want in your video, InVideo does all the work for you here.  

InVideo recommends using less than 30 scenes in a video. The scene limit is 50. Although a small video like ads, intros, or short promotional clips will take only 5 to 8 scenes at most, big videos like blog videos can take 30 or more scenes easily.

If you are making a blog video, remember the intro counts as a scene as well. You are allotted 50 scenes along with the intro.

  • Promotional Videos

If you are an entrepreneur, then you can use InVideo to promote your business.

With the offered feature of using your media, you can add images of your products to create a lucrative promotional video. You can create your brand logo, make presets or templates according to the colors of the logo and save it in InVideo. Once you have created the promotional clip, add these presets with a single click.

If you have a store, create videos to amp up and promote your store to your potential clients. You can use the presets, templates, and effects to make your clip more interesting.

  • Freelance Services

As we have mentioned before, reselling rights of what you create with InVideo is completely yours. If you are into video editing, then you can land editing gigs with your creation on InVideo.

With InVideo, you will be able to create a portfolio of edited videos or video ads. These clips can be used as a sample which you can use to pitch your ideas to your potential clients. With InVideo, you can create and sell video editing freelancing gigs on various sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

You will not have to spend hours fussing over one single clip, and you can earn money by creating a video in under 15 minutes.

Along with all these features, we loved the pricing method of InVideo. In comparison to other cloud-based video editing tools, InVideo is priced at a very lower range. On top of that, there are great deals and they offer discounts all the time.

If you check AppSumo, you will be able to see that, they offer lifetime access to InVideo starting with only $49. AppSumo offers all the features provided by InVideo and added benefits as well.

Is It Alternative to Vidnami?

Vidnami is a cloud-based video editing software, previously known as content samurai. Both Vidnami and InVideo provide the same type of services. If we were to compare the services provided by InVideo and Vidnami, we would have to compare the offered services, the pricing methods, and the user-friendliness. 

Price Comparison

Vidnami does not come with a free version. It charges $47 monthly and $397 for the annual plan. You can avail of a free trial, but a free version is not available. 

Features Comparison

Vidnami’s media library offers 125,000 audio tracks from Videoblocks, 790,000 video recordings from Videoblocks. And 112,000,000 HD-quality pictures. InVideo offers 5k+ premade templates, 9m+ stock media, and an audio library.

Both websites offer similar editing techniques and features like automated speech to text, background removal, etc. 

Both of the websites are targeted towards the same type of audience, entrepreneurs and content creators. Both of them are user-friendly and offer similar services.

But if we were to compare it, we would prefer InVideo because of its pricing methods. Since both of the software provides the same types of services, opting for one that offers the same but does not require spending money will be our choice. 

Besides, many small business owners and small content creators do not want to or have the ability to pay $47 monthly or $397 yearly. 

So, we can surely say that InVideo is an alternative to Vidnami. And dare we say, it is perhaps a better alternative! 


We hope this InVideo review has given you the needed insights on InVideo and its performance. From the offered features to the user-friendliness of the software, we can say that InVideo is one of the most powerful video editing software of 2022.

As a content creator, business owner, or entrepreneur, it can get hard and confusing to find the right type of video editing tools that suit your style and mood. InVideo will reduce your hassle and provide top-notch service within 15 minutes. InVideo reviews by users on various platforms suggest the same too.

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